Lago Pehoé – One of The Most Impressive Lakes Worldwide

Category: Travel in Chile

Author: ilovechile

Date: 10.02.2020

Lago Pehoé – One of The Most Impressive Lakes Worldwide

Category: Travel in Chile

Author: ilovechile

Date: 10.02.2020

Pehoé is a glacially-fed lake situated in Torres del Paine National Park. Its crystal clear waters set against a mountain scenery undoubtedly make it a must-visit. 

According to Huffington Post, the American media that renamed Lago Pehoé one of the most beautiful lakes on Earth in 2014, “It takes a few long plane rides and a bumpy transfer on mostly dirt roads to get to Pehoe Lake in Chilean Patagonia but the trip is worth the travel”. 

Here are a bunch of tips you might want to know in case you are planning to travel across southern Chile. 

Basic stats about lake Pehoé

Area: 22

Surface elevation: 34 m

Inflow & Outflow: Paine River (Río Paine)

Location: Chilean Patagonia, Magallanes region

Coordinates: 51°06′S 73°04′W

What does “Pehoe” mean?

Pehoé means “hidden lake” translated in the language of the native Tehuelche people who once lived in this Chilean region.

What is the weather in the area?

The weather in the area of Pehoé is quite chilly and rainy during the whole year-round. There is no dry season, however, you should be aware there are fewer rainy days in the period between October and April.

The average annual temperature is about 8°C.

Find more details about the climate in the area in our article dedicated to Torres del Paine.

How to get there?

As we already mentioned, there is a long way to Pehoé lake if you are arriving from Santiago. Again: don’t get scared – it’s worth it!

Let’s have a peek at your options!



Take a domestic flight from Santiago de Chile to Punta Arenas (book in advance as the price varies from $40 to $400 in both directions).

There are 6 flights daily, operated by LATAM and Sky Airlines. The duration is 3 hours and a half (more or less).

Then, you can take either a bus or rent a car from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales – a port city and a getaway to Torres del Paine. The distance is about 250 km and the bus is surely the cheapest option – $11.



The other option is to take a domestic plane from Santiago de Chile to Puerto Montt and then a ferry or bus to Puerto Natales.

The direct ferry departing from Puerto Montt once a week, on Saturday. The journey takes approximately 3 days. Be prepared to pay $1000 roughly.

In this case, a bus is again a convenient option for those of you who travel on a tight budget. The price varies between $55 – $105 and it takes 32 hours.

What’s the unique fauna?

Finally, not just the stunning landscape and stargazing opportunities but also southern Chile’s many endemic species will ensure there are enough unique experiences during your journey.
Pehoé lake is “haunted” by the so-typical, endangered guanacos (on the picture below) — cute camelids who take a snack along the lake’s turfy edges.

If you are lucky enough, you might also see indigenous flightless birds, such as ñandus or rheas, or possibly even a majestic Chilean Condor soaring above with its iconic and impressive wings spread point to point.

Here is a list of the other bird species in the area of Pehoé lake:

  • Black-necked Swan 
  • Flamingo 
  • Rufous-collared sparrow
  • Anteater duck 
  • Eagle
  • Black carpenter 
  • Kingfisher
  • Patagonian sierra finch



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