PasajeBus: Travelling by Bus Made Easier

PasajeBus: Travelling by Bus Made Easier

Let’s face it – the online purchase of bus tickets in Chile can be a dreadful experience. However, the first and largest web platform in Chile, PasajeBus, offering a wide variety of destinations, services, schedules, and prices, facilitates this process. Let us share how does it work with you!

To start, founded back in 2014 and nursed by Microsoft Imagine Business Lab, this web platform, which is working both in Spanish and English, provides you the easiest and safest way to buy bus tickets online.

Amit Sodani, the CEO of, was born and raised in India, however, he moved to Chile about 3 years ago. Further, he shares that, as more than 60% of the local people in Chile are using interurban buses on a regular basis, “the goal of is to offer the best buying experience for the best price”.

Further, Mr. Sodani has contacted Dash Bitla who is responsible for BITLA Soft, one of the most successful software for reserving tickets in the world. Then they’ve decided to build and maintain a trustworthy partnership, providing them with the power of having advanced technology and knowledge.

“ allows you to buy tickets of interurban buses without waiting in line and for the best price. Also, it is very useful for those people who travel to remote cities because they can buy their tickets with anticipation and according to their preferences” says Amit Sodani.

Our website is the first service that allows the buying and reserving of tickets of multiple buses companies in Chile and we hope to spread it out to Latin America” continues Sodani.

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