International Beer Day: Uniting the World through Beer

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Date: 24.04.2019

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International Beer Day: Uniting the World through Beer

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Author: admin

Date: 24.04.2019

Like many other countries around the globe, the Chilean nation is annually celebrating the beer simply by drinking more of it. 🙂

Moreover, the International Beer Day is a worldwide celebration of the brewers, the barkeeps, and all the boys and girls who’ve ever touched lip to glass and said ‘hell yeah.’ From the pubs, the clubs, the breweries, and backyards, we’re raising our glasses with a simple cheer: ‘keep ‘em coming.’

All right, what’s it to me?

Last year, International Beer Day took place in 50 countries, uniting the world through the universal language of beer. Millions of people were talking about it. Dammit – we even trended on Twitter. This year, we’re planning to be bigger and we need your help to get there.

It costs nothin’ to participate.

You can join in just by planning an International Beer Day event in your city. Your fine establishment will then go on a big map of celebrations for beer-folk in your city to discover like little Christopher Columbuses looking for tiny Americas made of beer.

What should I expect?

The selling of copious amounts of beer. A loosening of morals. An increase in morale. Revolutionaries gathering in corners. Chanting. Boys approaching girls. Children born 9 months from this date. The asking of serious questions. Arguments about sports. Challenges issued. Gauntlets were thrown down. New friends. New enemies. And one more beer before the night is through.

girls drinking beer watching the mountains

There are several other events that involve the drinking of beer and take place in Santiago, the capital of Chile, every year, namely:

– All-day happy hours
– Bringing in rare/exotic/local brews
– Beer trivia, prizes, and giveaways
– Homebrew Competitions
– Beer flights and delicious beer/food pairings

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