Chileans – Addicted to Bread?

Chileans – Addicted to Bread?


Santiago, October 24 2013— The Pannivita solution, developed by Granotec won in the food-products category at the Avonni 2013 awards, the highest distinction in terms of innovation in Chile, and it also had the National Award (Premio Nacional) category as they coincidentally won the prize in the Year of Innovation (Año de la Innovación).

Knowing the importance of bread in the Chilean diet and its highly nutritional value, Granotec’s motivation was clear, they wanted to be pioneers in the development of a solution for a healthy bread, a bread that can be consumed daily and with no guilt at all, of course, like everything else, in proper amounts. “Pannvita started two years ago and today became a contribution to the national bread industry as a response to a technological and commercially practicable need in healthy foods and new regulations focused on reducing levels of critical nutrients in food”, said Miguel González, president of Granotec.

Pannvita is a pioneer formula that allows to reduce as much as a 50% of sodium and fat in bread, without losing taste, texture, crunchiness, volume and the softness of crumb we are so used to enjoy.

Chile is among the top five countries with the highest bread comsumption, with 86kgs (190 pounds) per person a year, according to the Federación Chilena de Industriales Panaderos (Fechipan) and the Asociación de Industriales Panaderos de Santiago (Indupan AG). At the same time, Chile is among the top ten countries with obesity issues, with concerning levels in adults of hypertension (75%), cholesterol (41.6%) and obesity (31%), and a 48.1% of heart disease risk. Thus the relevance of this innovation developed by Granotec, which reduces up to 50% the sodium and fat in such a popular food in Chile.

I know how we Chileans are addicted to bread. And this solution sounds pretty good to promote healthy habits and a more healthy life.

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