Café Cultura: a Place for Coffee Lovers

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Date: 24.04.2019

Café Cultura: a Place for Coffee Lovers

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Date: 24.04.2019


Santiago — The cafeteria itself has just opened 4 months ago. It’s not just a typical coffee place, it stands out due to their unique way of producing the roasted beans into coffee. It is called dripping and takes about 4 minutes for just one cup of coffee. It is sometimes also called slow food movement.

According to Pamela, a member of the team at Café Cultura, their coffee is not lacking in taste. If there are more than five faults in the beans, they get discarded right away. Therefore every bean is scanned and each and every one of them has to be intact. This is only 5% of the worldwide production of coffee. She explains that there are only five coffee roasters all over Santiago and that they are constantly trying to improve their knowledge of coffee roasting and barista work. Their partner that takes care of the roasting even takes classes and gives classes himself. Additionally, he travels around the world to find new types of beans that fit the cafe’s program. Their other partner received a diploma in coffee-making in 2001 and since 2002 he is an official trainer that certifies other coffee makers all over South America.

Their intention is to bring quality coffee to Chile and encourage people to enjoy real good coffee. According to Pamela, people around here do not get the chance to taste good coffee due to the fact that they just sell instant coffee that is mixed with a lot of other things.

Pamela explains the interesting story of how Mario developed his idea about opening a coffee roaster. He is a member of the team, who once used to be a lawyer and was sick of drinking bad coffee. That is when he stopped working as a lawyer and committed himself to the world of coffee! While in the Caribbean, he learned about coffee accidentally, and was totally satisfied by the very taste of the speciality coffee. So he discovered that kind of coffee and learned as much about it as possible before opening the Café Cultura.

Their coffee already has many enthusiasts, especially people related to health care, lawyers or people doing yoga and karate. Pamela said: “It is mainly people who are aware of leading a healthy lifestyle, who come here.”

Having just opened the cafe, they have many future plans for example to give classes where you will learn about how to really taste things and about the biological structure of your tongue. “Knowing about that can absolutely change your way of tasting things, it makes it much more intense and enjoyable,” explains Pamela

Fair Trade is a very important topic for this café, because as Pamela explained, they have a big social and human responsibility as all the countries producing coffee are those with many problems and inequality. That is why they are looking for coffees that are produced in a fair way for the workers and their families. Café Cultura wants people to be more aware of the inequality because in Columbia you can’t export coffee if not more than the money amount of around 200.000. So no one of the small traders can afford that and only the bigger more successful ones can.

“We try to help them by paying them fairly, training people in the production of coffee so they can improve and we can pay them more for better coffee,” said Pamela.

Pamela explained that this could bring speciality coffee to so many places and replace the coffee that they are selling at the supermarkets. Café Cultura is hoping to expand all over Latin America and might even want to have a special coffee for every country.

“This is a school and coffee shop. It’s quality of life: to provide things, to help others, to succeed in many things. For me, a better life is better coffee!” said Pamela while summing up their reasons for setting up Café Cultura.

If you also enjoy good food and 100% fair trade, high quality coffee for still a good price, swing by Café Cultura (Suecia 0130). In April, they will start a course called “Awakening the senses” which will include how to experience and taste different flavours with your tongue better. You will be given free wine and coffee!

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