Walleon – Your Best Mate During Chilean Adventures

Category: Chile News

Author: ilovechile

Date: 10.09.2020

Walleon Wallet

Walleon – Your Best Mate During Chilean Adventures

Category: Expat info

Author: ilovechile

Date: 10.09.2020

WE HAVE AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! The team behind ilovechile.cl, along with our CEO – Georgi Dyulgerov, just brought a cutting-edge product to the world. 

The new-gen smart wallet for men called Walleon, amazes with its stunning, changeable design and tons of cool, technology-infused features, including built-in power bank, global GPS and Bluetooth Tracking, anti-theft camera, RFID protection, and much more.

Walleon in car

We’ve always been keen on diving deeper into the innovative gadgets world. We wanted to create a product that looks expensive and futuristic but also eases not just our everyday life, but even our time abroad. And we did it.

Imagine visiting a highly touristic destination with a significant percentage of crimes, such as Chile, where pickpocketing is a common practice. Walleon’s Anti-theft Camera (that takes photos and sends them straight to your phone), Anti-Lost Distance Alarm, and GPS Tracking can save you loads of stress at threatening locations around Santiago, for instance.

Walleon Inside

As we’re on the topic, we kindly invite you to read which are the most popular scams in Chile you should be aware of.

Besides, another great feature is the SOS Voice Calling which would allow you to make urgent calls even if your phone is lost, damaged, or recharging in the hotel room.

Do you like the idea? Subscribe in our website for the biggest discount when launched.

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