Discover These 6 Amazing Offbeat Beaches Near Santiago

Category: Travel in Chile

Author: admin

Date: 19.04.2019

Discover These 6 Amazing Offbeat Beaches Near Santiago

Category: Travel in Chile

Author: admin

Date: 19.04.2019

If you will be working all the summer and your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to go to the beach for more than a day, here is the simple solution: discover 6 beautiful beaches near Santiago to go for a day or for a long weekend. As an extra perk – they are off the beaten path!

Read on.

1. Las Docas

Las Docas is located 133 km away from Santiago and, although it is near Laguna Verde, the road to get there is not an easy one.

Keep in mind that you can only arrive at Las Docas on a rural road where you can park at the top of the road and then you must walk down to the beach. For that reason, this beach is deserted and the ideal escape from the busy city life.

2. Zapallar

Zapallar is a popular beach located 169 km away from Santiago, 80 km from Valparaíso and 71 km from Viña del Mar.

Moreover, it is between Papudo and Cachagua (another two beautiful beaches) and it’s 100% kids-friendly. Even though it’s very quiet, Zapallar offers lively nightlife, authentic restaurants, and clubs, to its guests. There are also many condos and some beautiful houses to rent.

3. Algarrobo

Algarrobo is 114 km from Santiago and it is well-known as “The Nautical Capital of Chile” due to the multiple watersports that are being practiced here.

Fun fact: the name Algarrobo comes from a native tree located in this area.

The coastal resort brags with stunning architecture and some amazing, deserted beaches. Here is the San Alfonso del Mar resort which was rewarded by the Guinness Record for having the biggest outdoor pool in the world.

4. Maitencillo

Surrounded by pines and eucalyptus, Maitencillo is situated 164 km away from Santiago and it is a perfect infusion between beach and country.

Moreover, the sea is quiet and the sand is white. This beach is pretty crowded during the high summer season so keep that in mind in case you need some alone time.


Papudo resides 173 km away from Santiago and it is surrounded by hills which are blocking the southern wind.

Furthermore, Papudo is opened to the north and it has a quiet sea – the most essential condition for practicing some water sports such as sailing.

Besides, you can find a whole bunch of restaurants, arcades, yacht club, tennis club, golf club, and hotels on this beach.

Santo Domingo

The sixth offbeat beach near Santiago is called Santo Domingo, located 115 km away.

It is located on the south shore of the Maipo River and brags with pretty gardens, streets, and summer houses. Among its attractions is the large golf club.

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