Municipal Workers Demand Solutions for Pensions

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Date: 07.11.2013


Municipal Workers Demand Solutions for Pensions

Category: Chile News

Author: admin

Date: 07.11.2013

Santiago Municipal Officials begin indefinite strike in order to demand solutions for serious pension problems among the workers.

Santiago – Workers of the Municipality of Santiago functionaries began a strike to protest the government’s action against the labor and wage demands requested by officials, on time, on increasing pension and re -casting of municipal plants. The strike is a continuation of the national paro, which the government has claimed as “illegal”.

The strike includes any addresses of the corporation, including the maintenance department, grooming, general inspection, emergency, and various administrative departments within the municipality of Santiago.

Funcionarios municipales

In this regard, the leader of the Association of Municipal of Santiago and a spokesman for the Union of Municipal Employees of Chile (UFEMUCH), Jose Escobar, said that the government’s offer on the approval of the Management Improvement Program will not guarantee better conditions and wages for workers.

In that vein, the leader emphasized the need for the executive for a real solution to the pension increase because of the large differences among officials is generating.

In detail, the leader of the Municipal Employees of Santiago, Jose Escobar, accused the government of not accepting the request which represents more than 10,000 employees across the country.

Municipal officials on Alameda.

About 2,500 workers of the Municipality of Santiago began the paralysis in all its divisions, this, in protest to offers provided by Executive unsatisfactory.

As a result, a group of municipal officials protested on Wednesday disrupting traffic at the intersection of Alameda with Las Rejes. Within minutes, the busy intersection was clear and sometimes a group of protesters approached cut traffic situation that was observed at all times by the police.

Even so, with all the municipality officials warned that the strike will continue until the government for what corresponds to their demands.

The municipal workers strike has caused chaos throughout the country, with a huge rubbish buildup in Valparaíso, regular municipal activities ceased and changes made to the football schedule, with games for both Santiago Wanderers and Everton being moved to Santiago.

The municipal workers will march today, Thursday, with no end in sight for the national strike.

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