What Do You Know About Llanquihue – The Second-Largest Lake In Chile

Category: Chile News

Author: ilovechile

Date: 17.02.2020

What Do You Know About Llanquihue – The Second-Largest Lake In Chile

Category: Travel in Chile

Author: ilovechile

Date: 17.02.2020

Let me ask you something – have you ever heard something about the crystal Llanquihue Lake?

As we’ve already published an article about Chiloé Island – the main attraction in the southern Los Lagos, it is now time to tell you more about the second most notable place in this region, namely Llanquihue.

Read on.


Translation: submersion

Area: 862 sq.km (86,000 ha) 

Max. depth: 317 m 

Length: 35 km

Coordinates: 41°08′S 72°47′W

What’s the best time of the year to visit Lake Llanquihue?

Even though most of the travel blogs you’ll most probably read online state that it’s suitable to visit Lake Llanquihue all year long, keep in mind there is sufficient and regular rainfall, even in the summer months. That is due to the oceanic and constantly changing weather in the area, with a touch of Mediterranean influence. The annual average temperature is 11° C.

So, make sure to pack smart and to brings some clothes suitable for rain.

How to get there?

Here what your options are:

The first possibility is to take a domestic flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt (the flight’s duration is 1hr45min and the prices may vary from 20 EUR to 350 EUR).

From there, you can take either a bus or a rental car and go to the lake. The distance is about 22 km.

If you are not a big fan of the flying or you are traveling on a tight budget, there might be a better option for you – to take a bus from Santiago to Puerto Varas. The duration is between 11 and 13 hours, depending on the bus company and the itinerary. The price for Semi-bed is 42 EUR and for Lounge bed – 50 EUR/single way.

Frequently preferred companies: Pullman Bus, Bus Norte, and Via-Tur.

What are the nearest towns?

This beautiful lake dwells between towns of Puerto Varas, Puerto Octay, and Frutillar which, together, compose one of Chile’s most visited regions.

Puerto Varas is located only 20 km north of Puerto Montt, where Lago Llanquihue appears from beneath the Osorno Volcano.

Puerto Varas is a historical and culturally rich town that’s worth visiting at least for 2 nights. 

The beautiful Niklitschek beach, a must-visit, is positioned pretty close to the Puerto Varas, less than 10 km away.

The city of Frutillar, along with its ancient German houses and encompassing landscape, is easily one of the most beautiful in southern Chile. 

It hosts the Music Week Festival annually (in the summer). It is an event that manifests the classical music at the Lake Theatre. A total must-attend.

Lastly, Puerto Octay, popular for its amazing cuisine (and mainly stews), is located on the northern bank of the Llanquihue River.

It is much quieter than Puerto Varas, however, El Colono Museum and Galpon Museum shouldn’t be ignored.

What else I shouldn’t skip in the area?

…Volcan Osorno, of course! 🙂

A visit to Osorno is a great option a year long. During the winter, there are excellent conditions for winter sports, such as ski and snowboard. In the summer months, you might enjoy trekking, taking the lift for panoramic views, or try out the zip line. The options for having fun here are unlimited so you better plan to spend a full day here.


Is there anything else you’d like to know about Llanquihue Lake? If yes, don’t fear to leave us a comment! 


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Lori Dorchak

Puerto Octay is on the northern shore of Lago Llanquihue. There is no Llanquihue river. The outlet for the lake is the Rio Maullin which is in the town of Llanquihue.