What makes the Viña Festival one of Chile’s most important events?

Category: Chile News

Author: admin

Date: 23.02.2015

What makes the Viña Festival one of Chile’s most important events?

Category: Chile News

Author: admin

Date: 23.02.2015

VIÑA DEL MAR — The Festival de Viña del Mar is considered one of the bests in Latin America and the most important musical event on the American continent. It is held every February since 1960 at the amphitheater of Quinta Vergara. But why is it so important?

Since its beginning, the Festival de Viña has been a source of entertainment for many Chileans. It was the first festival in which the voice of the people was taken into consideration when awarding artists, although the main attraction of this event was (because nowadays it isn’t, according to the popular opinion) the folk competition.

In fact, a study conducted by Imagen de Chile Foundation, showed that in 2014 Viña del Mar festival was the Chilean piece of news regarding culture and entertainment with the highest coverage abroad.

There are some things that you need to know in order to understand the purpose and importance of this event.


‘The Monster’ of Viña del Mar is the audience, both at the amphitheater and the people who watch it at home, currently at the Chilevisión channel.

They demonstrate its acceptance or displeasure on the acts that perform at the festival, whether is a musician or a comedian. It usually has a direct impact on an artist’s popularity in Latin America. If you are accepted by the monster, then your career rises up.


Every single year since 2001, journalists who officially cover the festival select a queen. Popular personalities apply to become one, but usually, they choose women with big curves and plastic bodies – no offense, but they surely win every time.

The day after the election, there is a coronation. The new queen earns a ring and a bracelet. The most expected event is the well-known ‘piscinazo,’ which means that the queen has to jump into a pool at Hotel O’Higgins in Viña del Mar.

Last year’s piscinazo was one of the most remarkable ones of the festival history because the queen, actress Sigrid Alegría, didn’t wear a swimsuit, but body painting.


The festival presents three awards: antorcha de plata (silver torch), antorcha de oro (gold torch), gaviota de plata (silver seagull) and a special award only given to the most important artists who had a cultural impact and importance for the city, which is the gaviota de oro (gold seagull).

Every award is more important than the other, and the artist will receive one, two, three, or none, according to their performance.

The silver seagull is also given to the winner of the folk competition.

This year, the festival will only have seagull awards in order to keep the original tradition of taking into consideration the people’s opinion. In previous years, ‘the monster’ was very quiet and didn’t even express their acceptance or displeasure, so the hosts gave them away to every single artist who was at the stage.

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