Chile Daily News Brief: October 24, 2014

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Date: 24.10.2014

Chile Daily News Brief: October 24, 2014

Category: Chile News

Author: admin

Date: 24.10.2014

Controversy over Children Book Aimed at Educating Chilean Youth on Sexual Orientation:

The new publication entitled Nicolás Tiene Dos Papás, or Nicolás Has Two Dads, was an initiative made by Movilh in conjunction with the National Kindergarten Board that follows the story of a young boy with homosexual parents, in the hopes of addressing the issues of sexual orientation. The book is being distributed to 500 kindergartens throughout the country. The book was also sponsored by the College of Teachers Toddler, Dibam, the Department of Psychology at the University of Chile, and the Race of Basic Early Childhood Education at the University of Chile.

Nicolás Tiene Dos Papás has also received support from the Embassy of the European Union and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Ambassador of Holland was one of the prominent figures present at today’s book launch.

Not all parents have responded positively to the decision to include the publication as an option to be read in school institutions, with parents either upset that the decision was made without their consent first, or disagreeing with the book being read to their child altogether.

On the other hand, public voices have also indicated their support for the illustration book, such as @migonzzarev on Twitter who posed the question, “If your child is homosexual in the future, will you also forbid them from being a mother/father?”

Consequently, a Twitter storm has begun to develop around the book: as of 11:25 a.m. #nicolastienedospapas was listed as the number two trending topic in the nation.

Scotiabank Employees in Day Nine of Strike for Contract Changes:

The Canadian banking company based in Santiago has had approximately 1,600 workers on strike for over week, as workers continue to fight for the following points within their contracts: an increase in income by CL$100,000, an annual incentive bonus, an increase of 1.3 percent of their compensation and bonus term conflict signed for a minimum of two years. Labor union president Raúl Cañas feels that such changes in their contract are critical to maintaining collective bargaining with their employer.

On October 21, 80 Scotiabank workers were reported to have gathered in Plaza Italia, while Cañas explained that at the bank’s central branch, near to Plaza de las Armas, they brought together “more than 400 people who were expressing our demands with placards and whistles, making noise.”

According to a recent tweet posted on the union’s Twitter account, which includes a photo of a police write-up, carabineros also fined workers for ” disturbing noises ” in the branch of Viña del Mar on the same day.

Bank management has yet to respond publicly to the employees’ requests.

Ex President Lambasts Chile’s Business Community and Politicians Surrounding Penta Scandal:

Former president Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, added more turbulence to the continuing saga of the Penta investment’s scandal after lambasting the political business community during the Fourth National Congress Infrastructure Country Awards organized by the Association of Dealers of Public Infrastructure.

“I have serious concerns regarding what is happening today in our national reality” stated Frei, adding that “we are observing behaviors from the political and economic leadership in this country that are troubling,” in a statement posted on Radio Bio Bio’s website.

In reference to Velasco–the presidential candidate accused of accepting illegal donations from Penta–Frei noted that “some have have felt like they have a status above the law.” Frei

The former president reflected on recent investigations into Penta Investments, stating it has revealed “behaviors not seen in years,” and cited the reappearance of business collusion to fix prices, consumers planned deceptions, financial framing designed to create fake advantages in the markets, among others.

In addition to the business community as a whole, Frei criticized recent responses to the inappropriate behaviors of several prominent figures, such as the Ambassador of Uruguay, Eduardo Contreras, and the country’s adminstration’s decision to keep him office after his satements accusing the current ruling political party to have supported the coup, in addition Frei criticized the response to the research carried out by the Attorney General regarding any irregular donations made by Penta for the election campaigns of various leaders and parliamentarians.

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