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About Us - I Love Chile

Chile’s Most Read English Language News Source was originally founded in 2007 as “Santiago Radio”, Chile’s first English language radio station.

Since that time the project has highly evolved and expanded to meet the needs and interests of the growing client and fan base and to approach a wide-ranging audience. Today it encompasses not only our I Love Chile Online News Magazine, but also:

– I Love Chile Quarterly Magazine
– I Love Chile Weekly Digital Magazine
– Santiago Radio

What is I Love Chile about?

Let’s answer this essential question with our approved I Love Chile slogan and mission, which has been with us since our first day and still drives us every day:

“To promote English in Chile and Chile in English.”

Together with our international, multilingual team we keep our readers up to speed on what is happening in Chile and all around the world.

Apart from publishing & broadcasting every day’s important news and constantly adding new columns, our aim is to spread our enthusiasm about the country by conveying cultural, political and economic knowledge in the world’s most influential language: English.

Who are we?

Our international team is spread all over the continents and consists of more than 50 freelance journalists, experts, bloggers, social media enthusiasts, designers, analysts, translators and many committed interns.  Started by Daniel H. Brewington in 2007, I Love Chile fills a void in Chile by producing content in English for FREE for EVERYONE.

Everyone is keen to support our aims and foster the English language by doing one’s bit. It’s an undeniable fact that we all love Chile!

Who are our Readers?

I Love Chile Magazine is distributed to people around the world who are interested in what’s happening in and around Chile, from indigenous population to investment and everything in between, I Love Chile is News and a Whole Lot More!

We are keen to cover a large variety of topics including the concerns of tourists and expats as well as ambassadors, businessmen, teachers and students across more than 100 communities in Chile.

Each month, I Love Chile receives more than 190,000 unique visits and 5 million monthly page views from visitors in over 135 countries, which emphasizes our international interest.

In addition, I Love Chile offers the following services:

– A variety of print, radio, online and TV campaigns
– English language content producers (writers, photographers, web masters) We can provide your media outlet with written, audio and video content for international news agencies around the world.  We are YOUR “boots on the ground” in Chile
– We give “Real World” English language training for companies and schools.
– Media Analysis
– Translation Services
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Apart from the named above I Love Chile branches, we also distribute other websites, magazines and media. Here is a short overview of all our projects:

I Love Chile Media     What’s on Santiago     I Love Brazil News     Santiago Radio     Expat’s in Chile

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