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Possible ISA Alert in Chiloe

Possible ISA Alert in Chiloe
February 07
20:07 2014

Next week will be informed if the areas near to Quinchao will be in emergency state due to the rebound of the Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA).

CHILOE — The National Fishing and Agricultural Service (Sernapesca) plans to keep on emergency alert the zones near to Quinchao, where a new rebound of the Infectious Salmon Anemia was detected. The authorities are working to avoid the spread of this disease.

Infectious salmon anemia is one of the viral diseases that farmed Atlantic salmon suffers from. This highly contagious disease can be insidious, with an initially low mortality rate; however, the cumulative mortality can sometimes exceed 90% if the disease remains unchecked.

According to La Estrella de Chiloe newspaper, the authorities of this area are keeping track of the rebound that was gathered together to analyze this subject along with the people in charge of the companies of the area. They expressed a deep concern about this issue.

Infectious salmon anemia was first detected in Norway in 1984, and it continues to be a problem in that country despite control measures. Since the late 1990s, outbreaks have also been reported in other locations.

This is an important issue that must be addressed as soon as possible due to millionaire losses for this industry in 2007. It also affects the employability, which means that too many people were unemployed after this infection spread.

Pablo Galileam, fishing sub-secretary met with Sernapesca and the Promoting Fishing Institute (Ifop) showed an oceanography sample and how the tides could affect the spreading of this virus.

The sub-secretary pointed out that emergency call needs to be done under a technical report made by Sernapesca, who detected the rebound. He pointed out: “There is a program to control ISA, so we are in better conditions to face an infection that will be always present in Chile and also in Norway, which already has seven or eight rebounds a year and are kept under control”.

He also said that “it is different now from 2007, the companies are collaborating so we can face this challenge which aims to bring sanitary and environmental stability to the industry”.

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