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UFO Conference – “Contacto Ovni” : Reality or Mystery?

UFO Conference – “Contacto Ovni” : Reality or Mystery?
September 10
15:37 2013

Among an impatient audience interested in “strange phenomenons”, the 2nd UFO conference was held, which revealed important facts about this interesting topic.

SANTIAGO- The 2nd UFO conference took place over the weekend at Hacienda Santa Martina. The activity was led by CIO representatives; Nelson Gutierrez, Enrique Sepúlveda Sariego, and Roberto Bravo, who presented their topics and evidences in about 4 hours, dividing it in 3 sections:

The first one, led by Gutierrez, explained what an UFO is, the presence of those phenomenons along history, as well as its influence and  advanced technology.

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A conference on UFOs was held at Hacienda Santa Martina. Photo: Karen Riquelme

Then, he continued talking about the different types of ships, or UFOs that can be identified, whose origins are not well defined yet, as some of the designs of the ships date back to the most ancient times and cultures, such as Hindu, Sumerian, and Nordic cultures, times when some drafts and paintings already existed.  Moreover, the influence of several religions and their respective sacred books could give us some hints about the origins of the UFO phenomenon and its relation with the beginning of the human existence.

Then, Nelson concluded by presenting some interesting archaeological findings and UFOs well-known, famous cases such as the Roswell incident and the Kenneth Arnold case, both occurred in 1947, and George Adamski testimony occurred one year after, who was one of the first in taking pictures of the ships.

The second presentation, which was led by Enrique Sepúlveda, consisted in analyzing UFO phenomenon in an objective manner, showing consistent evidences which could demonstrate that UFOs do not exist, and are just speculations- or in some way- an invention created by humans with the purpose of justifying the possibility of life on other planets. Sepúlveda also showed pictures of several ships- which were created by humans- that may resemble to UFOs ships.

The third presentation, and the last one, offered by Roberto Bravo, exposed evidences that were found by the air force, along with some recordings, which proved the existence and reliability of the phenomenon, exhibiting videos from many countries of the world in which the pilots of airplanes reported the presence of “strange and unknown ships” flying in the sky and disappearing quickly, without leaving any mark.

Finally, the conference ended with a short round of questions, giving the opportunity to the audience of expressing their oppinions, asking doubts, or just thank the organizers for sharing their knowledge and the result of several years of study in this “unexploited ” field.

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Karen Riquelme

Karen Riquelme Paz is a Chilean journalist, translator and interpreter who lives in Santiago. Karen loves learning languages (she speaks a few),, travelling, music, dance, arts and sports. She is particularly interested in history, ancient culture, nature and politics.


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