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Divorce in Chile

Divorce in Chile
May 18
11:34 2013
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The basic problem for all foreigners in Chile is for a divorce to be recognized in Chile.

Recognition of a foreign divorce in Chile.

The basic problem for many foreigners is for a divorce in Chile to be recognized. A foreign divorce must not be in contradiction with Chilean law in general, and the new divorce laws in particular.

There are essentially two options to do this in most cases. If you already have a divorce decree in another country, it must be reviewed and accept by the Chilean supreme court in a proceeding known as “exequatur”. This has been at best problematic in recent years.

Most of the foreign divorce decrees that have been rejected by the Chilean supreme court are because they failed to comply with the Chilean requirements for divorce in regards to the time required for formal legal separation, or that it failed to be issued as a formal court ruling in front of a judge.

Informal or substituted proceedings such as mediation, administrative procedures, and even annulments will not be accepted. That means even if you got a “quick divorce” in another country and the form of the divorce process does not fully meet all of the requirements under the Chile’s divorce laws, your divorce will not be recognized in Chile.

Starting a second proceeding to divorce in Chile

Assuming your foreign divorce was rejected or obviously will not comply with Chilean law, your only other option is to initiate a second formal divorce proceedings in Chile. This means complying with the legal separation time and other requirements under Chilean law.

The legal separation might be proven simply by presenting the foreign divorce decree, even if it is insufficient for a fully recognized divorce. It can help establish the time that formal separation started. The time requirements for a full legal separation can range from one to five years, even when both parties are in complete agreement, before you can initiate a formal divorce proceedings. Among many other things, you must also show that support and alimony was fully satisfied during that time.

New Divorce Laws in Chile 2009

Now this is not fair in many respects, but part of the design of the new divorce law was to stop people from “shopping” for a more divorce-friendly jurisdiction in another country. Obviously there is still much to be desired in Chilean divorce law – especially in relation to foreign divorces – but progress has been made with recent changes in 2009 to correct some of the bigger issues related to recognition of foreign divorces.

There are many foreign divorces that the Chilean supreme court previously rejected, which may now be recognized. This is especially true for those seeking to have divorces that occurred before 2004 recognized in Chile. Many people that have consulted an attorney on this matter in the past or had their divorce rejected by the supreme court should perhaps consider checking again to see if the new amended laws will help their situation.

The full implications of the Chilean divorce laws go far beyond the scope of this article.  We strongly encourage all foreigners in Chile to seek competent legal council in Chile that can advise you regarding divorce and marriage laws in Chile; and, if needed, assist any legal council you might have retained in a country outside of Chile about the effects your foreign divorce proceedings might have in Chile.

chile news, noticias chile

About the Author: Zandra Valenzuela is a professor of international law and head of the legal department for Spencer Global Chile. Spencer Global provides legal, relocation, and investment services exclusively to foreigners in Chile. As a public service to the English speaking community in Chile, Spencer Global also provides the All Chile Forum at www.allchile.net . For more information please visit www.spencerglobal.com or join us at www.allchile.net
chile news, noticias chile

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