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Blackberry 10 Unveiled with Abysmal Presentation

Blackberry 10 Unveiled with Abysmal Presentation
February 01
14:00 2013

Blackberry has announced its new OS and shows that in terms of presentation, a wide gap between market leaders still remains.

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Blackberry 10 is the new hope for the Canadian company.

NEW YORK, USA — The once giant on the phone market  Blackberry has not only announced its new product line, but the company itself has also changed its name from “Research in Motion” to “Blackberry”.

Former RIM starts 2013 with its brand new “Blackberry 10″, the all-new product line that aims to get the company back on the horse and reverted to its old strength. Thorsten Heins, the new CEO, delivered the presentation yesterday in New York.

With the new OS and the all new devices, the Canadian phone company seems to have a shot at the top spot. Nonetheless, one thing remains a disadvantage – presentation and marketing skills. If you compare yesterday’s presentations with the latest ones from Microsoft, Samsung, or Apple, it’s obvious that Heins and his team still have a lot work ahead of them.

Heins had difficulties answering basic questions during the live presentation yesterday. He struggled in giving an answer to a question on how Blackberry had learned anything from Apple‘s success. To make it worse, his delivery lacked both passion and enthusiasm about his new product, which made the entire presentation painful to watch.

The reaction of the Blackberry 10 from Wall Street was far from that which normally follows a new Apple demo. Share prices immediately began to drop during the botched presentation, kept right on dropping throughout the day today. Blackberry failed to impress analysts as well, with at least three downgrading the company’s stock.

One thing that will decide the future of the company will be its ability to attract old customers who have moved on to the other Smartphone companies. However, there are already many criticisms about the new Blackberry’s camera being unable to perform in low-light conditions. It’s clear that there is still along way to go.

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