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Search Continues for Missing Argentinian in Valle de Elqui

Search Continues for Missing Argentinian in Valle de Elqui
January 23
17:00 2013

The Argentinian man missing in Valle de Elqui still hasn’t been found after 16 days of intensive searching by the Chilean police.

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Last picture taken of Marco Luis Roldán, an Argentinian man missing in Valle de Elqui. Photo: Frédéric Deltour via http://happytravel.tumblr.com/

VALLE DE ELQUI — It has now been 16 days since the Argentinian man Marco Luis Roldán disappeared in Valle de Elqui, in the Coquimbo region. Despite the intensive search—led by policemen from GOPE, firemen, independent rescuers, friends, and relatives—no tracks of the 29-year-old man have been found.

Roldán vanished in the mountains on Sunday, January 6, after he decided to climb up the Cancana hill with two friends. One of them, a French man named Frédéric Deltour, has documented the story on his blog. He remains the last person to have seen Roldán alive.

“We walked with this man, Marco, for several hours, climbing up to the top of the mountain, until when I was tired and water-less, so I decided to descend,” Frédéric wrote. “He wanted to continue without water, so he did. We separated and he never came back. After two days looking for him with the police without success, I left.”

Carabineros began searching as soon as the young man has been reported missing, flying planes over the hill. Two dogs were also added to the search. As the rescue didn’t lead to any result, the Chilean army became involved as well, and Chile allowed independent rescuers to come help with a simple tourist visa.

Although Roldán’s friends keep hoping, his parents have begun to despair after 16 days without news of their son. They have made various calls for more help through a website dedicated to the cause. The whole city of Cordoba is supporting the family, and 200 people took part in a march organized last Wednesday to show their concern for the tragic event.

The search has recently started to concentrate on the various open holes in the area, which can be 25 to 100 meters deep. Two Argentinian rescuers brought headlamps and equipment in order to enter the mines where Roldán could have fallen.

The search won’t stop before the answer to this tragic event is found.

chile news, noticias chile

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