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Al Gore Gives Sunset Speech at Common Pitch

Al Gore Gives Sunset Speech at Common Pitch
November 30
16:04 2012

Al Gore delivered his Sunset Speech at Common Pitch last night, discussing capitalism, innovation, and social entrepreneurship.

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Al Gore delivering the Sunset Speech in Parque Bicentenario. Photo: Nathanael Smith

VITACURA — Yesterday, November 29 kicked off the three-day Common Pitch event.

Before Al Gore took the stage, Fernando Fischmann, founder of Crystal Lagoons spoke, along with Charly Alberti, founder of Revolucion21.org.

Common Pitch is featuring innovators, idea-makers, and people who have forever made a mark on their respective fields. Many of the speakers at CP, and those who are attending, are classified as social entrepreneurs. These are people who not only want to become successful and impact society, but who want to have a positive impact on our world.

Who better to discuss that then someone who was a leader in the US, understands the importance of capitalism in our society, and who has won the Nobel Prize for his work to spread awareness and change when it comes to global warming.

“Think for a moment about all the changes that are underway. The global economy is becoming fully integrated, the power balances, political and economic, are changing. These changes are requiring us to think freshly about what we would like the world to be,”  Gore told the sprawling audience.

“By taking the levers of democracy, looking at the operations of capitalism, we can decide the human values we believe to be most important, that must be embedded in these changes,” he continued.

Mr. Gore went on to discuss how many of the participants in Common Pitch are “social entrepreneurs” – people that he hopes will combine sustainable capitalism and entrepreneurship.

He went on to discuss the vast potential Chile has, and how it is possible to use the profits of capitalism to spawn creativity and world progress. However, he was also sure to critique the market disruptions, recent credit crisis, recession, and growing inequality that capitalism has fostered.

“This year has shown the worst inequality in the United States that we have ever seen,” he said.

Offering the chilling fact that the owners of Wal-Mart have more wealth than the bottom 100 million Americans, his speech hoped to encourage Common Pitch participants to think of their own innovations in a global context. Of course, it wouldn’t be an Al Gore speech without a brief discussion about the growing problem of climate change.  He stressed that it is more than just a problem for our ecosystem, but will lead to societal unrest and food crises across the globe if people do not prioritize sustainability.

“I want to close by asking you to think about the larger context in which you are living your lives and launching these ventures. What is going on in this world is not sustainable, and it needs to change. We are heading towards a world, in this century, where the glaciers of the Andes will be gone, seas will rise, and droughts will be far more extensive. But, we can make a decision to change this pattern. We have to. It has to be a priority.”

In closing, he reminded his audience to continue to strive for a better world.

“The will to succeed is a renewable resource,” he concluded.


chile news, noticias chile

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chile news, noticias chile

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