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Chilean Elections: Mayoral Election Recount in Ñuñoa

Chilean Elections: Mayoral Election Recount in Ñuñoa
November 08
23:46 2012

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Screen Shot of the recount live stream via 24horas.cl

UPDATE: Recount still ongoing…Less than 20 tables need to be counted.

  • Here is a live stream if you’re in to that kind of thing.

UPDATE: General feeling is that Sabat will win, but the recount is ongoing.

  • Here’s a screen grab from Twitter that seems to capture the general feel.
chile news, noticias chile

In Ñuñoa Sabat will probably win, but the institutions responsible for elections lost an enormous amount of credibility.


  • UPDATE: Results are coming in on Twitter saying Sabat has won the mysterious “mesa 3 de varones” by 33 votes.  
  • UPDATE: Twitter is saying Sabat ahead by just 7 votes. Edit: Now 9 votes.


It was first reported that Maya Fernandez Allende, the grand daughter of Salvador Allende, won the election for Mayor in Ñuñoa by just 18 votes.

ÑUÑOA — Then a table of uncounted votes appeared. Specifically “numero 3 de varones” in Ñuñoa’s Estado Nacional. This would give Pedro Sabat, the sixteen year incumbent of the right wing National Renewal Party, another term.

On Tuesday an official recount began after an appeal by Sabat’s political party (RN). The recount results will be announced on Friday, November 9.

chile news, noticias chile

Maya Fernandez on the campaign trail. Photo: Maya Fernandez Allende via Facebook

Carlos Larrain, the president of the National Renewal Party, is convinced he knows Sabat will win.

“A revision of the results in Ñuñoa found that a table was not counted. For mechanical reasons not because there was any bad or strange intent.” Adding further, “And in that table, Pedro Sabat appears to have an advantage of more than 30 votes.”

This would ensure Sabat’s win by at least 12 votes. Talk about a nail biter.

On the other side the Socialist Party in Chile presented a formal presentation before the Servel (The Electoral Agency in Chile) on Saturday asserting there were votes not incorporated for Maya Fernandez and various irregularities that would favor Sabat.

They specifically denunciated the “undue pressure” on electoral justice by the National Renewal Party. The Socialist Party also found suspect the fact that (mentioned above) the RN seems to know the future outcome while the government is still in the recount process.

El Mostrador, a Chilean news website, goes much further calling this a hegemonic trick by the ruling power in Chile. They equate the discovery of “table 3″ with pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

The president of Servel, Juan Ignacio García,  laid the blame on the Ministry of Interior and the computer system.

“I’m sure of good faith of the people that work for the Ministry of Interior. What happens is that they set, maybe, something too demanding, too much protocol, and this naturally causes a delay of information.”

I Love Chile asked a graduate student near Plaza Ñuñoa what was his take on the recount.

Es rara la wea,” Ruben Jara told I Love Chile. Which means, what happened is very weird.

After hundreds of people gathered in Plaza Ñuñoa in support of Maya Fernandez Allende on Wednesday, various groups from the Ñuñoa community will gather in downtown Santiago to protest the recount.


chile news, noticias chile

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