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Japi Jane: A Sex Store With A Difference

Japi Jane: A Sex Store With A Difference
July 23
13:38 2012

Jane is a woman whose presence demands attention, and her store “Japi Jane” is no different. After all, this is the woman who is single-handedly revolutionizing sexual attitudes in Chile with her no-nonsense attitude, her direct approach and a concept that has left people begging for more.

Japi Jane is a sex shop in Providencia (Metro Tobalaba), originally aimed at women but which now caters to couples and men alike.

“Sex is a part of health.  It’s a part of well-being.  It’s a part of life.  There is no shame in that!” She says with passion, and her enthusiasm is addictive – perhaps one reason why the store has been going from strength to strength.

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Japi Jane – Sex Shop with a Difference

Jane Morgan hails from the United States with a degree in Business, but has lived in Chile for ten years.  The idea for Japi Jane (pronounced “happy Jane”) came about when she bought a Fun Factory sex toy from abroad and told a friend, who said the fatal words, “Why don’t you bring them here?”

The idea seemed radical due to the Chilean attitude to not talk about sex. Most people are educated in a Catholic school system, regardless of whether they are practicing or not .  Many customers have told Jane that they have received little or no sexual education.

“The only way people would talk about sex was with a joke, and there are a lot of jokes.  The face that Chileans present to the world is very different to what they are actually doing.  I received only support and good vibes.  Everyone was congratulating and thanking me!”

The store originally began as a website that also offered “tuppersex” parties – a concept where groups of friends would get together and look at a variety of products.  This proved so successful that two years later Jane opened her store.

“No one wants to have bad sex.  If you give people an alternative that’s not going to shock or embarrass them, and present them with fun, high quality products, it’s going to help them.  There’s nothing weird in that.”

These days, Jane divides her time between the store (which now employs two Japi Chicas per shift), and publicity ventures.  She talks on three weekly radio panels and is considered the resident “go-to” girl on all things related to sex.

“There are a few sexologists in Chile that deal with couples therapy and erectile dysfunction, but no real sexperts.  I am one of the only sexperts in Chile!”

There are workshops too, which are available for groups of six or more, where people can ask all the questions they have ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask.

Though this caters to men and women, it works best with women only.  “The men get too embarrassed, too flustered.” Jane sighs. “They turn everything into a joke.”

The store itself is unassuming on the outside, discreetly hidden inside an office block with no obvious advertisements to embarrass patrons. Once inside, the store is spacious and tastefully laid out, the staff friendly and matter-of-fact about their job.

The store sells products for men, women, and couples, as well as novelty items for bachelorette parties.  Among their top sellers are chocolate body paint, massage oils, and sex toys for couples.  The store also sells adult DVDs and literature targeting a female audience, including Jane’s own “Stories for Grownups” (Cuentos para Grandes).  It contains pictures by 25 artists and a number of short stories – all created by Chileans.

For now, Chile is Jane’s home and she isn’t planning on leaving any time soon. Her English is often interspersed with Spanish and it is clear that people love what she is doing.

“This is so rewarding as I feel I’m making a social connection. Women have come a long way in a short time, that’s for sure.”

Japi Jane is located in office 11, Luis Thayer Ojeda Street #59, right next to Metro Tobalaba.

Phone: (02) 234 4917


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Helen is a British/New Zealander who followed love to Chile. She lives here permanently and has written for a number of publications while pursuing her degree in English and Spanish.
chile news, noticias chile

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