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Chilean Scientists Discover Solution to Cavities

Chilean Scientists Discover Solution to Cavities
July 09
17:25 2012

 A team of Chilean scientists has discovered a new molecule that can kill a kind of bacteria that causes cavities in teeth.

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Chilean scientists discover a molecule that can keep teeth healthy. Photo: dozenist

SANTIAGO — José Córdova, an investigator from Yale University, along with Erich Astudillo, an account auditor from Universidad de Santiago, began their research back in 2005. This led to the discovery of molecule Keep 32, which eliminates the bacteria, Streptococcus Mutans, which produces cavities, in only 60 seconds.

As 73 percent of people worldwide suffer from cavities, the scientific discovery has great marketing potential, and researchers are already seeking a provisional patent for the molecule in the United States.  Córdova, Astudillo and their team are also searching for financial backing to complete human testing for a period of 14 to 18 months. They hope to have the product on the market shortly after this.

“The molecule has the potential, not only to be harnessed into a gum, but also in products like tooth paste, mouthwashes, toothpaste sheets, candies, overnight dental gel, and other products that stay in the mouth for at least 60 seconds,” explained Erich Astudillo, CEO of Top Tech Innovations, the firm that sponsored the discovery.

“In Chile, we’ve been looking for financial backing for two years.  No one was interested in putting resources into R&D,” he commented.

After unsuccessfully seeking investors in Chile, the researchers joined forces with the Founder Institute to improve their business model and look for sources of capital internationally.

“At the moment, we’re having conversations with five parties who are interested in either investment or buying our patent. This will involve moving abroad to complete product development,” he explained.

He has an ambitious business plan that strives for a revenue of US$300 million in the first five years of operations.

“We’re interested in selling the license to big corporations that deal with personal hygiene products, like Colgate or P&G, or that sell snacks, such as Hershey’s or Cadbury Trevor, among others,” he said.

chile news, noticias chile

Kristen Green

Kristen studied political science and Spanish at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, but is originally from San Diego, California. She was a journalist with I Love Chile Magazine during the first half of 2012.


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