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Vivalternativa: Orgänisk

Vivalternativa: Orgänisk
May 30
15:49 2012
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Organisk stores are located in Providencia and Las Condes. Photo: Alex Cole

When you travel, you may begin to see the world as a vast mixer. Every day brings new faces and new stories. Once in a while you meet someone who is truly living their dream. It can be inspiring.

That’s what happened when I sat down with Nelson from Orgänisk – “THE ORGANIC AND NATURAL MARKET.” With two current locations and more ideas brewing, your Santiago database of organic and natural produce grows.

After humble origins and lots of observation, Orgänisk has set the bar for alternative markets in Santiago. Their way is to lead by example. They are an all-female company, a combination of many cultures, and give away recently expired (but perfectly edible) food to homeless people for “good energy.” It even gets as meticulous as keeping refrigeration records from three years ago!

Orgänisk was the first business to bring agave nectar, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, palm sugar, beet sugar and date sugar to Chile.

“We saw there was nobody doing anything here and we said that this is the time. Let’s go 2006!” smiled Nelson.

Skip forward to 2012 and humanity is facing profound problems, from the ecology at large to Wi-Fi liability. From Euros to Cairo to Tibet. Not only are they enormous, they are complex, expensive, and relative. But however intricate the issue, there’s always an essential foundation.

“People are not eating well, they’re not sleeping well,” suggests Orgänisk.  The cascading benefits of healthy living cannot be overstated.

It comes down to a small company with values. “Those are the ones we have to tap into … they’re fair trade, organic. You know, they have a different way,” said Nelson. This contrasts quite sharply with the pre-crash generation’s mentality. Instead of square and linear, 21st century business is round and dynamic.

chile news, noticias chile

Orgänisk has a huge variety of organic products for all tastes. Photo: Alex Cole

Today everything is interconnected and information is instant, yet obvious signs elude most of the so-called “Serious People”. “When you look at the weather patterns, the vegetation, drought, then you start to understand social problems,” noted Nelson. “And why are the Chinese buying 100,000 Hectares in Rio Negro? What’s going on?”

My blank stare signaled ignorance. The answer is because of Argentina’s fertile land, which is perfect for the production of one of the world’s largest commodities: soy. Powerful people with deep pockets are buying strategic land.

With populations increasing exponentially, what’s more valuable than food?

The ethos of Orgänisk is synergy. Ensure that the small producer has a buyer. Make certain the customer knows what they’re eating. Establish networks of friends from all walks of life. Grow the organic and natural industry together. This journey begins in Chile, a key country providing opportunities to those who truly want to be sustainable.

“A country that plays by the rules.”

The tides are changing and entrepreneurs better notice what’s happening to the planet.  And now we have the internet – the great normalizer – solving the lack of information and empowering everyone. After learning about Orgänisk, I left with the knowledge that understanding other cultures, having patience, and going abroad is the way forward this century. Who knew an organic market could be so compelling?

Check out Orgänisk right by metro station Los Leones on Andrés de Fuenzalida 91 in Providencia or Luis Pasteur 5569 in Los Condes.

chile news, noticias chile

Alex Cole

Originally from Chicago, Alex received a Bachelor’s degree in History from DePaul University. He believes that, in essence, we either share the planet or march into an ecological catastrophe. Alex’s goal is to promote a sustainable, alternative lifestyle all around the world. Millions of people are doing it right, and this column is dedicated to them.


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