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President Piñera Hands out First Voucher for School Achievement

President Piñera Hands out First Voucher for School Achievement
May 04
12:21 2012

SANTIAGO — President Sebastián Piñera and the Minister for Social Development, Joaquín Lavín, met with the mother of Brígida and Dorca Tapia, Miss Mará Angélica Ramírez.  Ramírez, from the municipality of San Bernardo, is the first person to receive a financial reward from the government voucher for school achievement.

This voucher is part of the new program recognizing academic achievement at schools. The handing out of this voucher means 50,000 CLP (US$103) which will be started to be paid from the May 2, 2012 and will be handed out once per year.

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Chile's President Sebastián Piñera visiting the first family to receive the voucher for achievement at school. Photo: Gobierno de Chile

President Piñera emphasized that “what we are handing over is a prize, a recognition for the families that live in difficult conditions and often in poverty, they make a great effort to bring to help their children to make progress.”

Likewise he appealed to the Congress to approve the project of ethical family income: “Once more I beg the members of Congress to hurry up because while they are being late, more time passes by for those people to receive the support that really need it.” President Piñera hopes the Ethical Family Income plan will be approved before he makes his annual speech on May 21.

He added that “What is required is a strategic alliance between the government and the families to work together so that we can end poverty in Chile. There the work and education is a fundamental matter.” The President congratulated the students on their work, saying “This is an exemplary family, who, despite the difficulties they have faced in life, have never given up, but rather have continued fighting and moving ahead. And today, seeing that Dorca and Brígida are among the best students of their school is a tremendous source of pride for you, Angélica, and it also brings me great happiness.”



chile news, noticias chile

Maggy Meyer

Maggy Meyer is a translator from Germany. She has lived in Chile since August 2011 and came to Santiago during the student movement after classes at her university in Iquique never begun.
Besides doing translations she gives English classes and writes for ILC.

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