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Rembrandt Exhibition in Santiago

Rembrandt Exhibition in Santiago
April 15
09:00 2012

For the first time ever, Chile is hosting a Dutch exhibition of Rembrandt van Rjin (1606 – 1665).

SANTIAGO — Rembrandt is one of the most important Baroque artists of his country and an icon of the Dutch Golden Age.  This collection of works, called “Rembrandt: Impressions of a Genius”, has passed through countries like Spain, Italy and Andorra, and comprises 68 original works made between 1630 and 1665.

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Rembrandt ‘Drawing at a Window’

Engraving is a technique that seduced great artists, and Rembrandt is among the most famous, if not the best. The freedom of the etching technique was fundamental to his work and his level of detail and use of spaces to create atmospheres is something quite special.

As his career developed, there was a noticeable withdrawal into a simple style based on drawing, a style he made his own. Yet there are numerous experimental works where he uses paint, using mass of lines and bitings. His fascination with light is emphasized by his frequent use of chiaroscuro, which leads to expansive dark areas in his work.

His experimentation with light and darkness is most suggestive in his religious images. His emphasis on light successfully intensifies the development of symbolic details from Catholicism.

Rembrandt’s strong sense of spiritualism is also present in his oeuvre of portraits. His success at using dry point and emphasis on clothing helps him achieve a sense of movement and liveliness in his portraits, which encapsulates a ‘soul’ or at least something beyond the surface.

Rembrandt offered the only surviving explanation of what he sought to achieve through his art: the greatest and most natural movement. His application of simple techniques and theme help him achieve this.

His works record the history of art and humanity. He captures a look at eternal life and the evolution of Europe at its peak, with traces of the medieval era. He polarizes the light and the dark, vertical lines and spirals, so that to view his work is to read poetry, with its many nuances.

As well as his works, the exhibition boasts the documentary “Rembrandt, 400 years” and the fiction drama “The Night Watch”. Welsh director Peter Greenaway helps gain a greater understanding of Rembrandt the artist and gives a window in which to explore his oeuvre.

The exhibition is a joint effort of the Municipality of Las Condes and Fundación Itaú.  It is on display in two places: the second floor of the Corporación Cultural de Las Condes, on Avda. Apoquindo 6570, and Fundación Itaú’s Espacio ArteAbierto, on Avda. Apoquindo 3457.

The exhibition will continue until April 29, 2012.


chile news, noticias chile

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chile news, noticias chile

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