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Patagonia documentary released in the U.S.

June 11
16:13 2010

‘180° South, Conquerors of the Useless’ premiered this month in the United States. The “eco-documentary” follows Douglas Tompkins and Yvon Chouinard’s trip through the south of Chile. The film is directed by Chris Malloy, an experienced director of surfing films.

The documentary follows Jeff Johnson as he retraces Tompkins’s and Chouinard’s steps in their 1968 journey to Patagonia. The trip begins in California and passes through places such as Easter Island, where Johnsons gets shipwrecked and surfs the longest wave of his life. He ends up meeting Chouinard and Tompkins in a hut where his life changes. The original adventurers, once driven by their love for adrenaline and adventure, now value the experience of pure nature. They now spend their lives trying to preserve Patagonia’s wonders by merging North Face and Patagonia, two of the most globalized outdoor brands, and spend their fortunes creating the biggest protected parks in the world.

Others who’ve joined Chouinard and Tompkin’s life goal of preserving Chile’s natural treasures are also present in the film. Ramon Navarro, Chile’s best surfer, is shown in his true colors seeking to protect the waters of Pichilemu. Alicia Acuña Ika, an Easter Island yoga teacher and surfer appears on camera teaching her people organic farming methods. Malloy took his inspiration after a trip he took to Patagonia accompanied by Chouinard himself. The director said he had the topic in his head for over ten years but it was this last trip south that inspired him to do something with “nature and the pristine environment.”

The editing of the film includes shots from Tompkins and Chounard’s first adventures in 1968 as well as animations by Feoff McFetridge, who collaborated in the film ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ Photography director Daniel Moder excels at showing the mystic nature and landscapes of the south of Chile. The mountains, lakes and volcanoes in the film will leave any audience wanting to visit.

Watch the trailer: http://www.180south.com/trailer.html


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